Thursday, May 15, 2014

Today was bad.

School started off normal if went to class took notes got my homework and went to the next class. I thought today was going to be a good day because if hadn’t experienced any tics yet… until lunch. I was eating my PB&J that my mom had packed for me this morning when if all of a sudden my arm jerked and hit a girl in the face a smeared the pb&j all over her face. The principal saw it and grabbed my arm and took me to his office. I tried to plead my case but he wouldn’t believe me and now I am getting pressed with assault charges.  

Friends that understand

I was sitting on the couch at one of my friend’s house with 2 other people watching TV. One of my friends left his men dew pop bottle open without a cap on and usually my friends know to put the cap on because they know of my tics and it includes knocking stuff off of table which sometimes can lead to very messy situations. The tic surprised me and usually if know how to fight it but my fist knocked over the bottle and spilled all over my friends and if and if felt horrible. I told him it was very sorry and he kept telling me it was totally fine and he knew if couldn’t help it. Friends like this are awesome to have in your life because they understand me and help me get through tics.

Sleepless nights..

Tonight while doing homework if began Tics where if hit my chest. This made work very hard and it made homework take twice as long as usual. I finally got to bed at 11:30. To make matters worse if woke up at 4 am beating my chest which will make my test first period even more difficult because it is already 6 am and my arm and chest are very tired from hitting myself. It’s now 7:55 and I’m heading to class to take my semester exam. I am extremely tired and if won’t be able to perform to my best ability because of my tics. I just started my test and my tics kicked in again and I’m hitting my chest so this is making the test that I’m not ready for even more hard.. Ah the joys of Tourette’s syndrome.